Broaden your horizons, give yourself a wider experience, meet new people and enhance your skills. Join a SILC committee and take this opportunity to be an integral part of the decision-making process.

Action Committee

Appointed by the chairperson, the Action Committee is responsible for:

• in conjunction with staff, coordinating the development of the SPIL with the CILs and submitting it to the council for approval
• compiling data and preparing an Annual Report on independent living in the stateto be submitted to the Governor, legislators, and others
• compiling data and preparing the annual report (and other reports as required) to be submitted to the Independent Living Administration
• assist with Resource Development activities
• planning and conducting marketing activities
• and other duties as assigned by the Chairperson of the Council

Members of the Action Committee:

Ardella Cottrill - Chair
Joshua Brown
Dawn Embry-King
Aaron Morris
Emily Robinson
Molly Spence

Staff Support: Jerry Boyko

Administrative Committee

Appointed by the Chairperson, the Administrative Committee is responsible for:

• soliciting nominations for membership and presenting nominations to the Council
• making nominations for officers and at-large members of the executive committee
• reviewing the bylaws annually and making recommendations for amendments
• developing and implementing the strategies for monitoring the implementation of the SPIL
• and other duties as assigned by the Chairperson of the Council

Members of the Administrative Committee:

Joyce Floyd - Chair
Mark Fordyce
Brenda Lamkin
Adrienne Michaud
Robert Roswell
Kevin Smith
Richard Ward
Bob Waybright
Anne Weeks

Staff Support: Kathi Young

Advocacy Committee

Appointed by the Chairperson, the Advocacy committee is responsible for:

• coordinating and planning for the Disability Caucus
• coordinating the legislative and advocacy efforts of the Council
• educating the Council in legislative and policy matters
• coordinating the Council's interests with other agencies and organizations
• coordinating hearings and public forums necessary to carry out the duties and authorities of the Council developing and implementing strategies to maximize the cooperation, coordination, and working relationships among the CILs, the DSE, the Council, other agencies, other councils, and public or private entities determined to be appropriate by the Council and other duties as assigned by the Chairperson of the Council

Members of the Advocacy Committee:

Michelle Norweck - Chair
Elliot Birckhead
William Blosser
Manuel Campos
Ariel Depp
Scott Gossard
Cara Price
Marissa Sanders
Cindy Tucker
Grace Wine

Staff Support: Ann McDaniel

Executive Committee

Elected by the voting membership, the Executive Committee is responsible for:

• leading planning efforts of the SILC
• representing the Council in supervising SILC staff
• attending meetings and activities with individuals and groups
• speaking publicly on the SILC's behalf
• signing the State Plan for Independent Living (SPIL) on behalf of the Council
• overseeing and coordinating the work of any and all Council committees and work teams
• facilitating the development of new independent living leaders within the state

This committee is not open to outside members.

Members of the Executive Committee:

Anne Weeks - Chair
Mark Fordyce - Vice Chair
William Blosser - Treasurer
Ardella Cottrill - Secretary
Cara Price - Member-at-large
Michelle Norweck - Member-at-large
Beverley Jones - Immediate Past Chair

Staff Support: Ann McDaniel


Appointed by the Executive Committee, the RYPAS Board is a standing SILC Committee and is responsible for:

• overseeing the RYPAS program
• reviewing applications for acceptance into the program based on eligibility requirements
• overseeing that RYPAS recipients are compliant with their employer obligations

This committee is not open to outside members.

Members of the RYPAS Board:

Paul Smith - Chair
Joyce Floyd - SILC Rep
Tamra Price - Secretary
Ron Brown
Delmar Davis - Vice-Chair
Cindy Spinks
Beverley Jones
Richard Ward - DRS Representitive
Ann McDaniel - SILC Ex-Officio, Non-Voting

Staff Support: Jerry Boyko