The West Virginia Independent Living Hall of Fame

The West Virginia Statewide Independent Living Council established the Independent Living Hall of Fame in 2002 to document the history and recognize the leaders of the independent living movement in West Virginia.

Induction into the Hall of Fame is considered the highest honor given to individuals contributing to the growth and efforts of the independent living movement and the disability community in our state. Inductees are individuals who have demonstrated an understanding of and commitment to the independent living philosophy and have contributed to a positive vision for the disability community in West Virginia. These are our role models, the people who have shaped our movement and led the way for the many who have joined their efforts and those who will join in the future.

This honor is not bestowed lightly. Inductees are exceptional individuals.

West Virginia Independent Living Hall of Fame

Jan Lilly-Stewart (2002)

Ron Yost (2002)

Anne Weeks (2002)

David Stewart (2004)

Ann McDaniel (2006)

Jan Derry (2006)

Ken Ervin (2010)

Georgetta Stevens (2010)

Larry Paxton (2010)

Mark Derry (2015)