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The West Virginia Statewide Independent Living Council (the Council) is a thirty-one (31) member council with twenty-four (24) voting members and seven (7) ex-officio, non-voting members representing state agencies and/or providers all appointed by the Governor. A majority of the voting members must be individuals with disabilities who do not work for a center for independent living or any state agency. The Council functions as a partner with the Division of Rehabilitation Services (DRS) and the Centers for Independent Living (CILs) to ensure the existence of appropriate planning, financial support and coordination, and other assistance to appropriately address, on a statewide basis, the independent living needs of West Virginians with disabilities.

The Council meets four times per year, usually in the Charleston, WV area. Reimbursement is provided for travel, lodging and other approved reasonable and necessary expenses for attending meetings. A term of appointment is three years and council members may serve two full consecutive terms.

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It is the responsibility of each council member to:

  1. 1. Support the Council's mission "to ensure persons who have disabilities have access to community-based resources that promote personal choice and facilitate the achievement of their independent living goals."

  2. 2. Become informed about the issues and priorities of the Council by reviewing the information provided by Council staff and other members.

  3. 3. Provide information to the Council on relevant issues based on personal and/or professional knowledge and experience.

  4. 4. Participate in the four meetings of the Council and vote on matters requiring Council action, abstaining when there is a conflict of interest and complying with Council by laws and policies.

  5. 5. Support the ongoing work of the Council by serving on committees, contacting policy-makers, support and demonstrate the independent living philosophy, and show respect for council members, staff, and guests.

  6. 6. Respond to communications from council staff and/or other members and notify the staff or chairperson when unable to attend a meeting.

  7. 7. Work toward achieving the Council's Vision "to be a consumer-controlled council that is effective in leading a statewide independent living movement that empowers persons who have disabilities."

  8. 8. Notify staff of all accommodations you need to be an active member of the Council.

  9. 9. Comply with all Council policies and follow established Council procedures.

  10. 10. Attend new member orientation after you are appointed.

The Council supports the participation of its members by ensuring that council meetings and activities are fully accessible and providing accommodations to Council members with disabilities upon request.

Interest Letter & Responsibilities
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