WV Youth Leadership Forum 2022

The WV Youth Leadership Forum (YLF) is a statewide training and leadership development event for students (Delegates) with all types of disabilities, high school juniors & seniors and college freshmen, who are transitioning to adulthood. The YLF will be held virtually June 20-24, 2022.

The YLF will provide a variety of activities, learning opportunities, and a chance to make new friends. Learn about the history of disability and the disability rights movement in America, national leaders, and your place in the movement and disability culture. Be a part of something much bigger than yourself! Twenty-five youth (Delegates) will be selected to attend the YLF - at no cost - make sure you are one of them!

YLF 2022 Application

The West Virginia Youth Leadership Forum (YLF) is the first YLF for youth with disabilities in our state and we want you to be a part of it!!!

The YLF is for high school juniors & seniors and college freshmen with ALL types of disabilities including physical, cognitive, learning, psychiatric, sensory, emotional/behavioral, etc. This innovative and exciting program, limited to 25 young adults with disabilities, will include:

The YLF will be June 20-24 2022 and "Delegates" will be selected through a competitive application process. Please follow the instructions below to complete the application process.

For help filling out the application, call Teresa at 304-766-4624 or 855-855-9743

To receive full consideration, your completed application must be submitted or postmarked by April 15, 2022.